by Ramses

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released October 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Ramses Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Your Last Breath
Your last breath
Entombed thoughts pushed away
Stay locked in your brain
Depression pulls you away
Live life day to day
Thoughts of suicide
That you cant defy
Falling further away
Put into the grave
Ideas that surround your head
Feeling better off dead
There is no cure for you
There is nothing to do
now that theres nothing left/ you draw closer to death / Take your last breath.
Now there's nothing left you feel
But the emptiness in death,your death

To your Death
Eternal Death
A righteous Death
Your last breath
Track Name: The Fear With In
The fear within creates your sin.
To scared to close your eyes
To many sleepless night,
so now you pray/ for thy fears to be casted away
But they stay within
Controls your sin

Your mortal sin
The fire ignites your
Eternal suffering till the end
To Fuel the fear within
constructs your mortal sin
Embrace the fear within
That Controls your sin
Theres no where to hide
Track Name: The Internal Flame
(The Internal Flame)
Fueled by hatred
Fueled by lies
Produces tournament in this mortal life
So the flame
That burns within
Invints the pit
For thy sin
Still we pray
Our hate conveys
Creating the whole
Our suffering soul
your inner hate
Lights the eternal flame
It burns within
ignites our mortal sin
As we hate
Stronger the flame raves
As we die
We burn alive
Lets us burn
Track Name: Dead inside
Dead inside
A Worthless
You're waste of time/ you're a waste of life
Slowly you await to die
Counting down the days
Till you fade away
The calling of your time
Rot away die
Find yourself slipping thru
In the lies that spew
You set the fire
Now sear in the flame
I'll see you burn thru the flames of your lies
I'll watch you suffer, I'll watch you burn, I'll watch you die
You have met your fate
Death has called your name
Burning in your lies
The time has come to die
The fire in your eyes
A reflection of your lies
You hold nothing true
A life without a use
Time elapses by
You still sin and lie
Track Name: Suffer In your Sin
Constant agony
That Torments the soul
Praying for your sins
But the cycle never ends
It never ends

You fueled fire
You feel flames
There is nothing that can save
A price is paid
With your blood
Death is what you have earned
Death is what you earn
Nothing can save your soul from the fire
Slowly await the day to expire
Sitting in the flames as you dwell
Gladly I will watch you burn in hell
Suffer in your sin
Suffering in your sin